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Specialist Scaffold Tube Manufacturers and Suppliers to the UK Scaffold Trade


We specialise in the manufacturer and supply of EN10219 3.2mm scaffold tube direct to UK volume customers. 


Our knowledge of the steel tube market means that we can supply our customers tube in volume at the most competitive price.

All our products are independently tested in the UK by UKAS approved laboratories to ensure that they exceed the British Standard and meet the Purchasing Guidelines issued by the NASC.

We operate a quality system that documents the provenance of each and every tube supplied by us into the UK market. From the blast furnace that created the coils of steel, all the way to the truck that delivered the brand new stock to your yard.

Our metallurgists forensically scrutinise our tubes to ensure that they meet the required chemical composition and mechanical standards required for tubes. 



We have established relationships with quality mills worldwide that have proven track-records of delivering the required primary product to the high standards that we demand on behalf of our customers.

On-boarding a new mill to supply our product is an arduous and long process. Potential suppliers are subject to a series of rigorous product tests, compliance inspections, capacity analysis, and reputational research before we even consider supplying product from them.  

As raw material prices and currency rates fluctuate continuously, the global price of compliant scaffold tube varies from day to day. So we don't have a rate card. What we do have is a commitment to provide our customers with the best price for the product at all times.


We independently validate our suppliers' compliance history and ensure that their output exceeds the demands of the all the relevant European standards for scaffold tube. 

Finished products are independently tested in the UK by UKAS approved laboratories. Samples are subject to: chemical composition analysis; yield & tensile tests; dimensional verifications; and bend & flattening tests.

We demand product that goes beyond simply meeting the test requirements of the standards, by ensuring that samples are testing for the widest possible product analysis.



We work with you to schedule deliveries to meet the demands of your business, no matter where they are sourced from around the globe. We deliver to your place of business in your required format and to your schedule.



Please call or email us to discuss your requirements for scaffold tube

07771 822822

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